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What You Should Pack When You Plan to Go on an African Safari Tour


There are many amazing and unforgettable trips that you can take with your friends, family or significant other. However, few of them will be more memorable than an African safari tour. Thanks to the internet, finding great deals on some of the best African safari tours is just a mouse click away. Of course, packing for a safari is very different than packing for other kinds of vacations. Here are a few things that you should pack if you plan to go on an African safari.

Crushable Hat With Drawstring

Any time that you spend a significant amount of time outdoors, a hat is a good option. For an African safari tour, a hat ranks pretty high on the list. However, not just any old hat will do. For example, don’t plan to take a traditional baseball cap because these don’t cover your neck and ears.

Instead, opt for a hat with a decent-sized brim. Also consider a cap that you can crush or fold into your luggage when you’re not wearing it. Some of the best safari hats also have cords that you can tighten to ensure that they stay on your head. The drawstring can be a lifesaver on the windy African plains.

Extra Sunglasses

You can never have too many pairs of sunglasses. With the bright African sun shining in your eyes, you’ll want to have a pair of sunglasses on hand. With all the off-roading that you’ll be doing, it’s not out of the question to lose your sunglasses.

Consider taking extra pairs in case you lose some of them. Don’t worry about taking expensive, designer frames. Instead, opt for cheap sunglasses so that you can buy plenty. Believe it or not, sunglasses aren’t that easy to come by in Africa. If you only take one pair and lose them, you may find yourself dealing with the harsh sun in your eyes for the whole trip.

Extra Camera Batteries

There are several great photo opportunities while you ride around the African plains. Once you start your tour, the chances of coming across a store that sells batteries is zero. That’s why you should pack a few extra for your digital camera.

If your camera has a rechargeable battery, consider buying a replacement pack. Having one or two replacements is always a good practice when you travel overseas. If you have the money, consider having a spare digital camera. Having a camera each for you and your significant other ensures that no moment goes uncaptured.

Wipes and Toilet Paper

There are no bathrooms on the African plains. If you’re in the middle of your tour and nature calls, you may have to do your business in the wild. Consider buying toilet paper. Some brands make eco-friendly, bio-degradable paper that doesn’t harm the environment.

Keep in mind that you’ll get a lot dirtier on an African safari tour than on any other vacation. Most of the safari tours take place on dusty tracks that are sure to kick up in your face. Carrying a pack of wet wipes is always a good idea and a blessing. Look for the ones that have antibacterial properties too. After a day of exploring Africa, you don’t want a little bit of bacteria to do you in.

Leave the Bright Colors at Home

If you want to see animals on your African safari, consider the color of clothes that you wear. Any bright-colored clothes are likely to catch the animals’ attention. While they’re used to tour groups, many of them still run away at the sight of humans.

Lastly, avoid wearing dark or black colors. These colors attract flies, and there are a lot of them on the African plains. Stick to olive green-, brown- and khaki-colored clothing.

Going on an African safari is a great way to turn an ordinary vacation into something that you’ll never forget. However, keep the tips above in mind. An African safari is likely way different than anything that you’ve ever done before. It’s an experience that you’ll want to share with all of your friends and family members back home.