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The Charm Beauty Sunrise in Sanur Beach

The traveler must be familiar all right if you hear the term island of Bali or also known as the island of gods? Island this one is already very well known all over the country even to the world. Bali island of the gods or famous once with the beauties of the attractions. One of the famous tourist spots in Bali are Sanur beach. For a travel guide, you can see it in Bali Sanur.

Sanur Beach is located in the village of Sanur, Denpasar southern districts, bali. And its distance from downtown Denpasar own about 3 km, while from Ngurah Rai airport is about 18 km. Sanur beach itself is very easy to reach location because of the many public transport that passes between Sanur-Denpasar so that the traveler who does not bring personal vehicles need not worry. Sanur beach itself is very crowded at every day especially weekends and during the holiday season arrives for Sanur beach itself is a favorite tourist spot tourists both local and foreign tourists.

This beach will be crowded at night when the full moon because the traveler can relax while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery at night. In addition to the beach in this area there is also a museum le mayeur and inscriptions Blanjong certainly adds to the tourist attraction of this one.

Sanur beach has its own characteristics and uniqueness that is not possessed by any beach that is the beauty of the panorama at the time of sunrise or sunrise. Topography appear to curve with the added expanse of clean white sand beach stretches form a cluster of very pretty.

When a traveler waiting for sunrise so the traveler can see and enjoy Penida island chain located in the southeast as well as a panoramic south coast of the island of gods. Although famous for its beautiful sunrise but the sight of the afternoon at Sanur beach itself is not less beautiful. Because at low tide and the wave was so large that the traveler can see the beautiful panorama of rock that stretches colorful.

Panorama Sanur beach south more beautiful when seen in the morning. The most fitting place to see it is on the east is Semawang and mertasari.Di there the traveler would feel the breath of fresh air because of the sea breeze. The atmosphere along the Sanur beach itself looks very bright and shady because it could not be separated from the presence of large trees.

On Sanur beach the traveler can swim, relax on the beach, sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, or just walking along the road at the seaside to enjoy the beach atmosphere. Sanur beach itself in the traveler can perform activities seawalker or walking in the water. Activities seawalker then the traveler would wear a helmet watertight and then will dive at a depth of approximately 6 meters.

But to do this one activity then the traveler must pay not cheap. The traveler does not get confused if you want to stay in the Sanur area. Because as one of the famous tourist area of Sanur beach itself is equipped with inns and hotels ranging from cheap to international standard so that a traveler can freely choose according to the abilities of course.

Create the traveler all do not forget to keep always keep clean by not throwing garbage everywhere.

How? interested in holiday travel and explore Sanur Beach with its scenic beauty sunrise?

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