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Five Things You’ll Want to Do Before Heading on Vacation

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As the countdown ticks away and draws closer and closer to your departure date for your much-anticipated vacation, it’s only normal to get vacation-brain. Vacation-brain occurs when pretty much all your time and energy is spent focusing and daydreaming about your holidays, which means other things can slip your mind.

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To help ensure that your trip is smooth and everything you hoped it would be, here are five things you’ll want to do before heading on vacation. These tips will help keep you organized, ensure you are prepared for any sort of emergency that may arise while you’re away, and that you’ve got all the essentials packed.

Make a List and Refer to It Often

Even if you’re the type that has a great memory on a regular daily basis, when you’re getting close to vacation mode, it’s only natural for things to slip your mind. Unfortunately, …



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