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What You Should Pack When You Plan to Go on an African Safari Tour

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There are many amazing and unforgettable trips that you can take with your friends, family or significant other. However, few of them will be more memorable than an African safari tour. Thanks to the internet, finding great deals on some of the best African safari tours is just a mouse click away. Of course, packing for a safari is very different than packing for other kinds of vacations. Here are a few things that you should pack if you plan to go on an African safari.

Crushable Hat With Drawstring

Any time that you spend a significant amount of time outdoors, a hat is a good option. For an African safari tour, a hat ranks pretty high on the list. However, not just any old hat will do. For example, don’t plan to take a traditional baseball cap because these don’t cover your neck and ears.

Instead, opt for …

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The Gem That is Dubai

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There are many interesting destinations that one might want to visit, especially when it comes to the more exotic parts of the world. While Western Europe, USA and other countries and destinations really do have quite a lot to offer to the tourist, there is one specific part of the world which is improving and developing with rates beyond comprehension.

If you are well aware of global trends, you most definitely know that we are talking about the United Arab Emirates and, to be more specific – about Dubai.

Major Destination

It’s true that the majority of the income of Dubai, being the second most prosperous of the five emirates, comes from the petroleum business. However, understanding its limited natural potential, the Sheikhs of the Emirates have quickly started to invest in a range of different areas, tourism being one of the most highly emphasised parts. With this in mind, …